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Granada Community Park

The ADA-compliant plan is designed in three sections: a “village green” to the south, preserving the view down Avenue Portola, an active recreation area in the center across from existing buildings, and a large area to the north with small picnic and exercise areas, natural landscaping, and ocean views. A mix of wide and narrow trails run throughout the park, and at the south end a new trail would lead to the highway crossing and Coastal Trail at Coronado Street. Follow the links at the top right of this web page to informative slide and video presentations of the park master plan.

In March 2023, the Board authorized the submittal of the combined designs for the CRC and the park as the project description for CEQA and other regulatory processes. GCSD hopes to have a final package ready for County review in 2023, followed by an approval process of unpredictable duration. Once the project plans are approved, GCSD will go out to bid for construction of the projects. Construction should start in 2025 or 2026 and may be done in phases.

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A detailed plan for Granada Community Park & Recreation Center with zones for passive and active recreation.

The History of the Burnham Strip

The Burnham Strip has an interesting history, from the time of native peoples to Ocean Shore Railroad plans, agricultural use, and local activists’ successful drive for rezoning against view-blocking commercial development to acquisition by GCSD for the creation of a beautiful community park. To learn more, click below:

The History of the Burnham Strip

In 2018 GCSD engaged HMB-based landscape architects Kikuchi+Kankel to design the new park.

The GCSD Parks and Recreation survey conducted in September 2019 defined what the community desires within the five plus acres available for park development on the property. A community workshop attended by 60 residents was held in October 2019, where attendees worked in groups to map out their favorite park features. The input from these outreach efforts resulted in the draft master park plan reviewed with the Board in June 2020. More than 100 residents also provided individual comments via email and at Board and PAC meetings in response to a Summer 2020 postcard and a sign on the Burnham Strip. The district’s Parks Advisory Committee (PAC) reviewed community feedback and provided input to the Board and landscape architects throughout the process at their quarterly meetings.


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