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The Granada Community Services District (GCSD), formerly the Granada Sanitary District, is an independent special district with a five-member, locally elected Board of Directors. Its powers and legal authority as a government agency are derived from Community Services District Law, the Sanitary District Act, the State Constitution, and various other statutory provisions of California law. 

Formed on March 18, 1958 under Sanitary District Act of 1923 (California Health and Safety Code §6400), the GSD took responsibility for all facilities, easements, and rights of way from its predecessor agency, the El Granada Sewer Maintenance District of San Mateo County.   

The GCSD is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the sewer collection system, sewer services, and solid waste and recycling services for a population of approximately 6,000 people, serving over 2,500 homes and businesses in the unincorporated areas of El Granada, Miramar, and Princeton-by-the-Sea, and the northern portion of the City of Half Moon Bay.  The District’s sewer facilities include 35 miles of public sewer lines, and the Naples Beach Pumping Station located in Half Moon Bay. 

The District is a Member Agency of the 1976 Joint Powers Agreement forming the Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside, which operates a consolidated treatment plant for the GCSD, the Montara Water & Sanitary District (MWSD) and the City of Half Moon Bay.

In October 2014, the GCSD successfully reorganized to become a Community Services District (CSD), adding parks and recreation powers within the unincorporated areas of the District. 

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